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August 6th, 2010, 02:37 PM
Is there any future in looking at my pc as the system hub? In other words it will feed my surround sound speakers, which I intend to replace, my projector (HD) and my Humax will also be in the system. It will also be the DVD + blue ray player. It will also serve as my pc when needed.
I currently have a Sony Dolby Digital tuner with included dvd player (good but several years old) and this runs with the optoma projector, Humax Freesat box, both HD and newish. All this runs in a room 10ft x 10ft, my "den", small but that's what I have!
I am a pensioner but am quite computer literate and always build my own pc's to my spec.
I seem to be treading on somewhat virgin ground here but someone somewhere must have tried this and I would like advice as to the practicality of a project like this.
Is it worth looking at or am I heading down a dark tunnel to nowhere?
Thanks for any advice.

August 6th, 2010, 05:20 PM
yea its quite do-able and quite common. sounds to me you just want to set up a media centre pc?

i dont have too much external equipment like you (no dvd player, no freesat) but i use my pc both as a computer and as a media centre.

i press a button on my remote and my pc flicks the signal over from my 19" monitor to my HDTV and loads xbmc up, from which i can watch movies, tv, play music etc. it'd be the same thing with you and your pc monitor & projector (or just the projector).

because you've also got a tuner+dvd and freesat box you'll probably do well to get one of the logitech harmony remotes so you can operate your pc and peripherals with one device so it feels like one cohesive system. just get a cheap IR receiver off ebay for the pc and you'd be set.

August 6th, 2010, 06:15 PM
Thanks for your reply,Aeiah and you're from my home town as well, I was born in Gleadless. I live in Brittany now.

I can work out the concept, it is the details which I am unsure of, for example - I have always built my pc's from cheap but reliable components and it crossed my mind that I may have to replace things like the sound card to include a full dolby system with all the necessary inputs and outputs. Also the graphics card would need to deal with widescreen, cinemascope, HD etc plus the connections. I would like to get rid of my old Sony system and control everything (except tv from Humax) from my pc and that would include films (DVD, Blue Ray), radio, music to go to my projector and/or surround sound speakers
You are exactly right, I want to have a multi media centre with my pc as the workhorse and control centre.
Do you know of any forums, web sites or other places where I might be able to read up on my project?

Give my regards to the old town, we do visit most years as all our relatives live there.