View Full Version : [all variants] Adding Linux to GAG

Kuki Kid
June 15th, 2010, 12:36 AM
I recently installed Windows 7. Before I had been using GRUB to manage my OSs. I had Xp on one 500GB drive, and Ubuntu on another 100GB drive. I added a new 7 partition to the 500GB drive installed windows 7 and GRUB was overwritten as the boot loader by win7. I installed GAG (http://gag.sourceforge.net/) since I was never a big fan of GRUB. Now in the "Add Operating System" Menu I only see 2 of the same partition options. "OS/2 or Windows NT" or something like that. The first option boots into win 7 boot loaders and I can access Both XP and 7 just fine. However, the second option flashes "BOOTMNGR MISSING" or something like that and asks for restart. How do I go about getting Ubuntu back on my machine?