View Full Version : [ubuntu] New GPU ordered, how to install . . .

June 1st, 2010, 11:57 PM
I think I know what to do here, but I haven't done it in awhile and I guess I'd like to double check or maybe some moral support from other ATI users.

I've activated (a couple days ago) the proprietary ATI driver by using the Hardware Device Manager (or whatever its called on the Administration menu).

If I update everything right before I install the new card, will the card work when I bootup?

Or, should I first go back to open source driver that comes with ubuntu, install new card, then try to activate the ATI driver?

It seems like the ATI driver would stand the best chance of detecting a Radeon 5830, what do you think?

June 5th, 2010, 12:10 AM
What I did isn't working. I have the latest ATI drivers that you can activate from Administration, Hardware Drivers.

I get a splash screen for Ubuntu then the video disappears, the display tells me there's no source.

I guess I have to get the right drivers on somehow, then install the card and reboot. Does anyone have any ideas?

** Edit **

I removed fglrx completely, rebooted, and the DVI out works. I have a DVI->VGA adapter that I'm using. I couldn't get the onboard video to work with an HDMI cable either (actually it worked, it just looked terrible)

What is with Linux/ATI and HDMI cables? I'm running a fairly decent video card and I'm limited to 1366x768. I got all kinds of resolutions in my list when I use onboard video and HDMI (it looks terrible, but it's there).