View Full Version : [SOLVED] VLC problem, screen turns black & white after going into and out of fullscreen

May 31st, 2010, 03:49 AM

I insert my DVD into my machine. The little "waddya wanna do" window then opens, and I select "play in VLC." I then press the play option on the video menu (not the play button on the VLC controls). Then the VLC window turns black, or the part where the video is supposed to appear does, anyway. So double-clicking to get to fullscreen sometimes fixes the problem, but then I can only view it in fullscreen, not good. :( It didn't fix the problem this time, so I double-clicked again to get out of fullscreen. Then my whole display turns black and white. WTH? The display problem fixes on a reboot.

This happens on a regular basis when I try to play movies. My display is, right now, black and white. After I finish this post I'll restart my computer to fix the colors.

Also, it should be helpful that when I move the VLC window or am going to/from fullscreen, I can see the movie for a split second, and in full color. The rest of the screen stays B & W, though.

Also, for some reason, when I play a movie, VLC open two windows: one with the video, and the other with a visualization and a title bar saying "VLC (X11 output)"

Wow. Hope that was readable, guys.

May 31st, 2010, 04:20 AM
Ah, hello again.

I followed this fine lass' advice, and it solved my problem (for now ).

For me, the solution for this problem was this:

In VLC go to Tools Menu, Then Preferences
Go to the Audio Tab
Then in "Effects" make sure that the Visualization option is on "Default"
Save Changes, restart VLC and that should be it.:D