View Full Version : [ubuntu] Complicated install on finicky laptop

May 21st, 2010, 02:56 PM

I'm about to install Ubuntu on a somewhat finicky laptop and would require assistance... a link to a howto or something like that, that I can refer to while doing the installation.

The situation is that I have a very old laptop (Dell Latitude) which I'd like to get some use out of.... it currently has Win98 which I'll completely remove, one (1) busted USB port, zero (0) network ports, zero (0) CDROM, 2 pcmcia sockets and a (very valuable) 1.44" stiffy.

I 've got a wireless PCMCIA card available (D-Link Air Plus Xtreme G+ - DWL-G650+) and a wireless network as well.

My thinking is as follows: Seeing as I cant use an external USB cdrom, or conventional cdrom I'd have to install via network. There's no network port and I'll have to actually take money out of my wallet (shudder @ the thought) to buy an ethernet pcmcia card. So....

Cant I make a 1.44 boot stiffy with the wireless drivers loading and then do a network install with the Ubuntu CD in a shared drive elsewhere on the wireless network? If so, can you tell me the procedure (or paste the link that tells me how to do so) ??