View Full Version : [ubuntu] Some sort of graphics error after latest update?

May 19th, 2010, 07:10 PM

I just installed the latest updates for Lucid Lynx and now I am having weird errors. I'm beginning to think it could be my graphics card on the way out but I thought I would post just in case anyone can help.

When I boot I get vertical lines down my screen (like | repeated in loads of rows and columns). First few tries I couldn't get in to the desktop, the monitor would just unsupported resolution and then stick there, with no response from keyboard or mouse.

I've finally managed to get it in to the desktop but there are vertical lines down the screen (See attached image) although as I have typed this post they have disappeared.

I'm running an nVidia 7800 LE on an Intel base Dell Dimension E250 if thats any help.

EDIT: Now I look at the screen shot without the lines I see they aren't there. I'm guessing my GPU is starting to overheat and die :(

I hope someone can help me solve this issue as it seems pretty odd that everything was fine untill I rebooted for the latest update.


May 20th, 2010, 01:43 AM
Don't know if this applies -- I found it in LinuxForums.org --

I'm running lubuntu 10.04 on one of my hard drives and had some arcane error messages pop up until I shelled out and did the following for a Bible study program I wanted, then all seemed to clear up (so far):

apt-get build-dep xiphosthen, of course, the install

apt-get -f install xiphosIt may not help, but then you will have a good study tool, if you wish, in any case.

Best wishes from the PNW!

By the way,I was conceived in Ipswich and lived in the Midlands two years as a brat. Do you know Hitchin?