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May 13th, 2010, 04:56 PM
Alright, I know that I posted something similer, but I would like to ask something more specific and a few other things.

Alright, my school uses Fortiguard firewall and I at first didn't mind them blocking websites. It didn't bother me because I didn't use any of the ones they blocked. But recently, they blocked service with Teamviewer and they also blocked one of my favorite gaming sites. This obviously irritated me, so I decided to turn to Ubuntu.

I had installed Ubuntu on my home computer already so it did not matter that much. So I extracted the ISO and also made my USB bootable. I then tried saving files and restarting. The files never saved and it only says my USB has 1GB of storage.. (it's a 8GB USB).
As it won't save, that was the first issue.

The second part probally comes because I"m a noob to Ubuntu and have no idea what I am doing. I cannot install Flash Player with Firefox. I click install and it says "installation complete". I reload the flash page and it does not do anything. Is there something I am supposed to do in Terminal?

I also cannot install Paperbus (to bypass the firewall), and Teamviewer as I am too much of a noob.

I know this rant is mainly because I am completely new. but could anyone tell me what I am doing wrong or something I have overlooked?

May 13th, 2010, 05:17 PM
We don't support bypassing security put in place by the networks owner. If you want help with that type of issue, you'll have to go elsewhere. Thread closed.