View Full Version : [ubuntu] gtk library with libfontconfig (2.8.0-2ubuntu1)

May 8th, 2010, 06:25 PM
Hello all ..
I want to install gtk library for programming, but always rejected because there are dependencies that are not appropriate,
ie requiring libpango needed libfontconfig1-dev_2.6.0, while libfontconfig version 2.8.0 installed.
so libgtk do not want to install as it takes these libraries. I tried to remove libfontconfig v2.8.0 but are not allowed because it will remove most applications.
the question is how can I install GTK with libfontconfig1-dev_2.8.0 , or maybe someone knows how to downgrade the library
to version 2.6.0

I've tried to forcibly install version 2.6.0 using deb file but
then when I try apt-get there are error, so I must uninstall again.

sorry my english is bad.
Iam Indonesian