View Full Version : [ubuntu] 30 sec to show the desktop

May 8th, 2010, 04:15 PM
hi guys ,
the boot time in lucid lynx is more than karmic!!!!!
when it boots there is a blinking cursor which stays for 20 sec ,then the gdm loads quickly ,
then i type the password and it takes about 30 sec to get a fully functional desktop.
the background doesn't loads and no results for right clicks also ...
docky & screenlets shows up within 3 seconds ..

i've read from some other threads that disabling the floppy drive is the fix.
i hve no floppy drive and i hve got no option on the bios to disable the floppy drive.
shutdown takes only 5 sec on normal case ,but when i shut down without logging in then it takes 30 secs
i've no graphics card
motherboard ; intel DG41RQ1
processor : intel core2duo
ram : 2gb
please help me out
thanks in advance