View Full Version : [ubuntu] Wrong grub on upgrade

May 7th, 2010, 10:03 PM
Both my laptop and desktop have been on Ubuntu since at least Jaunty. I have been upgrading, rather than doing a clean install of the new distros.

Upon upgrading the desktop to Lucid, I began seeing an error whenever I boot up (before any GUI starts), saying that something failed because a device is busy (most of the message is gibberish to me). After a few seconds, the message goes away, and everything starts up like normal.

According to community documentation, the default grub for Karmic and later should be grub2 (1.x). However, my computers are both still running grub 0.97. Could this be the cause for the error message? Why was grub not updated with the rest of the OS? Would there be a problem with updating it through Synaptic?

Any thoughts from those who understand would be appreciated.