View Full Version : [ubuntu] OOVOO on ubuntu!

May 1st, 2010, 08:26 PM
I dont know how much progress has been made with this, but has anyone successfully figured out how to run oovoo in ubuntu via wine or some other software such as virtualization. This is the only software that keeps me using windows on my box. If anyone has any insight as to what to do, or even any ideas that can be thrown around and tried out that would be great, so many people use this software, and no, not all of my friends like skype, in fact it gives them the blue screen! haha.

I know that there is this new thing known as cider that "wraps" around a windows application and transfers codes into Mac-readable ones. That means virtually any PC game can be played on a a Mac now. (To a certain degree)Is there some kind of "wrap" for ubuntu, or can someone hack that cider port and use it for ubuntu. I believe cider is open source but don't quote me on that. It would eradicate a somewhat problematic wine layer as well.

Thank you