View Full Version : [ubuntu] Huge problem with hard drives

April 30th, 2010, 06:52 PM
Hello, I'm having a little problem with my hard drives... Actually, a BIG problem.

I had Win 7 on one disk (160 gb) and Ubuntu 9.10 on another (500 gb, ext4). I made a backup from the Win 7 disk to the 500 gb. Installed Ubuntu 10.04 on the 160 Gb and now I want to recover my files from the 500 gb. The problem: That disk seems to be empty :(

What I did: First (long time ago), change the partition type of the 500 gb from ext4 to NTFS, then (after installing 10.04) change it back to "Linux" and now (in 10.04) it appears to be empty :(

Any solutions? Thanks :)

PD: I can't enter Ubuntu 9.10 (the system that there is on the 500 gb either. And sorry for my english ^^