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uncle hammy
April 24th, 2010, 09:18 PM
I just upgraded all of my systems to 10.04 RC with frsh installations. I have a be/fe and 2 fe's.

A little background. I have buttons to launch Boxee and Hulu in my "Media Library" section, and I also changed the main menu to have "Watch TV" the first option. Due to this, I copied /usr/share/mythtv/themes/defaultmenu/library.xml and mainmenu.xml to ~/.mythtv on all 3 of my machines so prevent updates from destroying my customizations. About a two weeks ago (when I was still on 9.10, but upraded to 0.23), on my backend *only* I started getting 2 errors when I tried to browse to Information Center and Settings...."util_menu.xml can't be found" and "info_menu.xml can't be found". To resolve this (though I found it odd), I copied both those files into ~/.mythtv from /usr/share/mythtv/themes/defaultmenu and all was well in the world.

Well, now I have done fresh 10.04 installs on all my machines, and I have found the source of my issues (I think), though the "why" is rather unexplainable to me.

On my fe's the default menus (i.e. straight from /usr/share/mythtv/themes/defaultmenu, before I made any changes) go something like....

Media Library
---Watch Recordings
---Watch Videos
---Browse Internet Videos
Manage Recordings
Information Center
---System Status
Watch TV

However, on the be machine, the default menus (i.e. straight from /usr/share/mythtv/themes/defaultmenu, before I made any changes) go something like....

Watch Recordings
Watch Videos
Watch a DVD
Watch TV
Browse Internet Videos
---System Status

You get the idea, not even *close* to each other.

When I put my customizations in place on the fe machines, I'm fine. When I put my customizations in place on the be machine, because of the radically different menu structure, I get those errors again.

So, what gives? Why would 3 installs off of the same flash drive, all today, all updated to current with auto builds, have such a radically different menu setup? The only difference in the installs is the addition of the backend on the one machine.

I did install algae theme on this machine, and I htought it may have something to do with the "custom" menus mentioned here http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1412645&highlight=algae however, I have never downloaded nor installed the custom menus deb. Also, I have installed algae on the fe machines as well.

uncle hammy
April 24th, 2010, 09:30 PM
OK, now to *really* confuse me, when I open /usr/share/mythtv/themese/defaultmenu/mainmenu.xml on my be machine, the xml is 100% normal. So where on God's green earth is it getting this other menu layout from?

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<mythmenu name="MAIN">

<text>Media Library</text>
<text lang="IT">Multimedia</text>
<text lang="DE">Mediathek</text>
<text lang="IS">Margmiđlunarsafn</text>
<text lang="NL">Mediatheek</text>
<text lang="SV">Mediabibliotek</text>
<text lang="JA">メディアライブラリ</text>
<text lang="FI">Mediakirjasto</text>
<text lang="ZH_TW">媒體館</text>
<text lang="SL">Media</text>
<text lang="ET">Meediakataloog</text>
<text lang="ES">Mediateca</text>
<text lang="PT">Galeria Multimédia</text>
<text lang="RU">Мультимедиа</text>
<text lang="AR">مكتبة الوسائط</text>
<text lang="PL">Biblioteka media***</text>
<text lang="HE">ספרית המדיה</text>
<text lang="HU">Média könyvtár</text>
<alttext lang="SV">Bibliotek</alttext>
<alttext lang="ET">Kataloog</alttext>
<alttext lang="PT">Galeria</alttext>
<alttext lang="PL">Galeria</alttext>
<alttext lang="AR">المكتبة</alttext>
<action>MENU library.xml</action>
<description>Play any of your media</description>
<description lang="DE">Musik hören, Videos ansehen usw.</description>

<text>Manage Recordings</text>
<text lang="IT">Programma Registrazioni</text>
<text lang="ES">Programar Grabaciones</text>
<text lang="NL">Opnames Beheren</text>
<text lang="DE">Aufnahmen verwalten</text>
<text lang="IS">Upptaka útsendinga</text>
<text lang="PT">Gerir Gravaçőes</text>
<text lang="SV">Hantera inspelningar</text>
<text lang="JA">録画予約</text>
<text lang="FI">Hallitse Tallennuksia</text>
<text lang="ZH_TW">管理電視錄影</text>
<text lang="SL">Posnetki</text>
<text lang="ET">Salvestamine</text>
<text lang="RU">Управление записями</text>
<text lang="AR">أدر التسجيلات</text>
<text lang="PL">Zarządzaj nagraniami</text>
<text lang="HE">ניהול הקלטות</text>
<text lang="HU">Felvételek kezelése</text>
<alttext lang="DE">Verwaltung</alttext>
<alttext lang="SV">Hantera</alttext>
<alttext lang="ES">Programar</alttext>
<alttext lang="PT">Programaçăo</alttext>
<alttext lang="RU">Записи</alttext>
<alttext lang="AR">التسجيلات</alttext>
<description>Pick and prioritize recordings</description>
<description lang="DE">Planen Sie Ihre Aufnahmen</description>
<action>MENU manage_recordings.xml</action>

<text>Information Center</text>
<text lang="IT">Centro Informazioni</text>
<text lang="DE">Informationen</text>
<text lang="IS">Upplýsinga miđstöđ</text>
<text lang="NL">Informatie Centrale</text>
<text lang="SV">Informationscenter</text>
<text lang="JA">インフォメーションセンター</text>
<text lang="FI">Tiedotepalvelu</text>
<text lang="ZH_TW">資訊中心</text>
<text lang="SL">Info center</text>
<text lang="ET">Infokeskus</text>
<text lang="ES">Centro de Información</text>
<text lang="EN_GB">Information Centre</text>
<text lang="PT">Centro de Informaçăo</text>
<text lang="PL">Centrum informacyjne</text>
<text lang="RU">Центр информации</text>
<text lang="AR">مركز المعلومات</text>
<text lang="HE">מרכז מידע</text>
<text lang="HU">Információk</text>
<alttext lang="ES">Información</alttext>
<alttext lang="DE">Infocenter</alttext>
<alttext lang="SV">Infocenter</alttext>
<alttext lang="ET">Info</alttext>
<alttext lang="PT">Informaçăo</alttext>
<alttext lang="PL">Informacja</alttext>
<alttext lang="NL">Infocenter</alttext>
<alttext lang="RU">Информация</alttext>
<alttext lang="AR">معلومات</alttext>
<description>Information and Communications</description>
<description lang="DE">Informationen &amp; Kommunikation</description>
<action>MENU info_menu.xml</action>

<text>Optical Disks</text>
<text lang="IT">CD/DVD</text>
<text lang="DE">CD/DVD</text>
<text lang="IS">Geisladiskar</text>
<text lang="NL">DVD/CD</text>
<text lang="SV">Optiska skivor</text>
<text lang="JA">オプティカルディスク</text>
<text lang="FI">DVD ja CD</text>
<text lang="ZH_TW">光碟</text>
<text lang="SL">CD/DVD</text>
<text lang="ET">DVD ja CD</text>
<text lang="ES">CD/DVD</text>
<text lang="EN_GB">CD/DVD</text>
<text lang="PT">CD/DVD</text>
<text lang="RU">CD/DVD</text>
<text lang="AR">تشغيل إسطوانات</text>
<text lang="PL">Dyski optyczne</text>
<text lang="HE">דיסקים אופטים</text>
<text lang="HU">CD/DVD</text>
<description>Play or import CDs and DVDs</description>
<description lang="DE">Abspielen/Importieren von CDs und DVDs</description>
<action>MENU optical_menu.xml</action>
<depends>mythmusic mythvideo mytharchive mythburn</depends>

<text>Watch TV</text>
<text lang="IT">Guarda la TV</text>
<text lang="ES">Ver la TV</text>
<text lang="NL">TV Kijken</text>
<text lang="DE">Fernsehen</text>
<text lang="IS">Horfa á sjónvarp</text>
<text lang="PT">Ver Televisăo</text>
<text lang="SV">Se pĺ TV</text>
<text lang="JA">TV放送</text>
<text lang="FI">Katso Televisiota</text>
<text lang="ZH_TW">觀看電視</text>
<text lang="SL">Glej TV</text>
<text lang="ET">Vaata telerit</text>
<text lang="RU">Смотреть ТВ</text>
<text lang="AR">شاهد التلفاز</text>
<text lang="PL">Oglądanie TV</text>
<text lang="HE">צפיה בטלויזיה</text>
<text lang="HU">TV nézés</text>
<description>Watch live television</description>
<description lang="DE">Jetzt Fernsehen schauen</description>

<text>Utilities / Setup</text>
<text lang="IT">Impostazioni</text>
<text lang="ES">Configuración</text>
<text lang="DE">Zubehör / Konfiguration</text>
<text lang="IS">Uppsetning</text>
<text lang="NL">Configuratie</text>
<text lang="PT">Utensílios</text>
<text lang="SV">Verktyg / Inställningar</text>
<text lang="JA">設定</text>
<text lang="FI">Oheis/Asetukset</text>
<text lang="ZH_TW">工具/設定</text>
<text lang="SL">Nastavitve</text>
<text lang="ET">Utiliidid / sätted</text>
<text lang="RU">Утилиты / Настройки</text>
<text lang="AR">تضبيطات</text>
<text lang="PL">Narzędzia / ustawienia</text>
<text lang="HE">עזרים / הגדרות</text>
<text lang="HU">Eszközök / Beállítások</text>
<alttext lang="DE">Verschiedenes</alttext>
<alttext lang="SV">Inställningar</alttext>
<alttext lang="ET">Sätted</alttext>
<alttext lang="RU">Настройки</alttext>
<alttext lang="AR">تضبيطات</alttext>
<description>Configure MythTV and plugins</description>
<description lang="DE">MythTV und Plugins konfigurieren</description>
<action>MENU util_menu.xml</action>

<!-- <button>
<text lang="SV">Avstängning</text>
<text lang="NL">Uitschakelen</text>
<text lang="DE">Beenden</text>
<text lang="ET">Seiska</text>
<text lang="PT">Gravaçőes</text>
<text lang="NL">Afsluiten</text>
<text lang="RU">Завершение работы</text>
<text lang="PL">Zamknij system</text>
<text lang="HE">כיבוי</text>
<text lang="HU">Leállítás</text>
</button> -->


uncle hammy
April 24th, 2010, 09:54 PM
And I renamed default and defaultmenu folders, and mythfrontend fired up fine with this bizarre menu structure. So it's obviously pulling it from somewhere strange, but the hwhy and where is eluding me.

uncle hammy
April 24th, 2010, 10:00 PM
Well shiver me timbers. Some sql'ing from the settings table for
value LIKE '%theme%'
turned up that MenuTheme had somehow got set to mediacenter. CHanged it back, and it's normal!