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April 6th, 2010, 10:44 PM
My apologies for the general rant this may seem like but I just wish Gnome/KDE/Ubuntu (or any other distro for that matter) would figure out this whole proxy thing.

This is not to say the current proxy settings don't work, as they do for simple environments, but the corporate world is not so simple. In my case the proxy requires authentication and Linux doesn't pass along credentials to the proxy like Windows. Which frankly I'm ok with. I just wish that when I specify a proxy that is pulled from a config script that I had some way of adding in the Username and Password.

As it stands the proxy configuration in Gnome has no ability to pass along credentials. Now Firefox has it's own proxy setup so it works (however you have to type in your credentials).

Now if you use an application that uses Gnome's proxy settings then you have a glaring problem. It cannot prompt you for credentials (at least every app I have seen.) This is problematic for an environment that requires authentication.

I know there are some ways around this but the idea is to have 1 location I can set my proxy settings and all applications refer to it. In which case for the love of Linus please fix the proxy to support authentication!