View Full Version : [all variants] User-based authentication for NFSv4 via Kerberos

March 30th, 2010, 10:06 PM
i've currently set up my nfs clients to authenticate via kerberos to the nfs server. therefore i use a keytab-file which contains the secret for the client machine pricipal (i.e. nfs/clientname.domain.name)
is there a chance to implement some kind of user-based authorization, that is i'd like to use pricipals like "nfs/username" or something like that.
the main idea behind that is that the production system will have to run in a workstation pool where workstations are not dedicated to a particular user (centralized login)
i need to have something like this:
a users log's on (-> ticked obtained) and if successful his particular home-directory shall be mounted via nfs

is something like that possible and if yes how to implement it?

this guy seems to have what i need but he doesn't state how it was achieved:

thanks in advance!