View Full Version : [ubuntu] WOL laptop-keeping it mobile?

March 16th, 2010, 06:12 AM
I currently have a laptop locked up on a cart (with the lid closed) using an external button to turn it on. It's essentially a WOL box connected to my computer via a cross-over cable.
It's a "Computer On Wheels". The external button is powered by a battery to send the magic packet, but...
This is where I need some advice. Because the computer will only turn back on using a soft-off method (sending Off via the command line), I want to make sure the computer boots up even when it has been unplugged for some time. I know the laptop must be plugged in to be able to recieve the magic packet. How do I keep the computer's eth0 to stay powered when the cart is gonna be unplugged and plugged back in a thousand times a day?
Does anyone else use an Ubuntu loaded laptop on a COW, and how do you keep it booting up without having open the lid to turn it on?

I'm using a Gateway laptop connected to an external monitor and all other needed peripherals.
Thanks, ya'll.