View Full Version : [ubuntu] looking for documentation on penetration testing on Ubuntu server

March 6th, 2010, 03:05 AM
I need to do some penetration testing for a class I'm in. I would really like it if some one could point me to some good documentation. I haven't fond any on help.ubuntu.com but maybe I'm searching using the wrong keywords

We need to set up a Ubuntu server 8.04 (easy) then we need to secure it (shouldn't be to hard with all the good documentation)
Then we need to test it to make sure its secure (I have no idea)

I found Inguma in Synaptic but it doesn't even have a man file so I'm not sure how to use it so any documentation on it would be good

Ubuntu is my main desktop has been sins Ubuntu 7.04 so I'm not a complete noob when I comes to Ubuntu

We won't have any wireless in the lab so stuff like Aircrack won't help

Thank you