View Full Version : Need advice/opinions, should I build a UnRaid Server or a Mythbuntu box?

March 3rd, 2010, 04:13 PM
Hi everyone,

I have recently over the past few months. Built 2 HTPC's, one in my living room thatís running Windows Vista and one in my master bedroom running Linux Mint.

I am currently only using the 1 in the living room to watch and record live TV using windows media center. I thought i was going to be able to use my 2nd HTPC as an extender. But thatís not possible with windows.

i am going to go ahead and put Linux Mint on both of my HTPC's. Because frankly its more stable and after seeing how VDPAU acceleration has my CPU running at 5-15% with 1080p Video play back on my bedroom HTPC through XBMC blows my mind. My Bedroom HTPC is using a Zotac I-F-E Atom N330 ION board. My living room HTPC, has a 2.8 Intel Dual core and a Nvidia 9300 GPU and it runs around 45-55% cpu with 1080p playback on XBMC in windows.

Ok now here's where MythTV comes into play. This is what I'm wanting to do. I would like to have the ability to watch and record live TV from both HTPC's but still have a full desktop OS so i can also run any other program i choose like XBMC, Boxee, Hulu Desktop, etc.

I was planning to build a UnRaid server in the next few weeks to store all my media. But after reading about MythTV Frontend and Backend. I don't know what i should do. Can i build a MythTV Backend server that will also allow me to store media backups that I can still access with XBMC and would it be as reliable as UnRaid? I think this would be the easiest solution for me and would thin that its easily possible. I would like to keep using XBMC for movie backups because its so awesome.

I have been using Linux for about a 2 years now. Mostly just as a regular OS on a laptop. So i'm still sort of a newb, but i'm not afraid to mess with it. Is there a way i can just try out Mythbuntu like a UbuntuLive cd to make sure i like it. Before i make all these changes to my set up.