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March 9th, 2006, 03:48 AM
I just got a job as a computer technician after getting my A+ certificate. My question to all other techs out there is: what are the best technician tools to that you use? If you had to collect a bunch of software for a friend in my position, what would you choose?

The only catch is that the software has to be legal and legitamate....

Thanks for any suggestions.

March 9th, 2006, 03:58 AM
I good pair of running shoes, a dictionary, A large mallet and 1234563864 boxes of Paracetamol.

March 9th, 2006, 04:13 AM
screwdriver (the drink)
pebcack t shirt from thinkgeek

edit - oh programs, uhhh miranda

March 9th, 2006, 04:14 AM
whatcha workn on Zensunni, hardware, software, Windows, *nix. notebooks, desktops ?

March 9th, 2006, 04:15 AM
Philips Screwdriver and a Ubuntu CD.

March 9th, 2006, 04:21 AM
Canned Air , Cable Ties, ESD Static Control, Spare drives,Blank dvd's just in case you need to save some souls data before repair or replace..
Theres more to list what i posted is just the basics to give you an idea

March 9th, 2006, 04:22 AM

March 9th, 2006, 04:25 AM
Can air , cable ties, ESD Static Control, spare drives blank dvd's just in case you need to save some souls data before repair or replace..
Theres more to list what i posted is just the basics to give you an idea
Forgot Canned Air... That is a biggy.... Dust is the #1 killer of most PC's. Windows being the other..
I dust my PC monthly...

Ultimo Aliento
March 9th, 2006, 07:56 AM
Hmmm, i work as a computer tech, and i always bring this :

1.- Ubuntu Live Cd. Easy way to know if the hardware work, and if the conection is up

2.- A little box with 4 screwdrivers of different sizes, clamps (this is the correct translation for "Pinzas"?)

3.- A home made DVD with all the drivers i ever used in my life, in any reparation... the ATI and Nvidia drivers are really useful, and itś a good idea to have many versions.

4.- My minidisk player with clasical music, after 6 hours working on the same "#$"#$ machine, it's always a good idea to bring relaxing music.

5.- A disk with many cool scenary Wallpapers, music, icons... it's a plus for your costumer, to get a nice desktop and many new options.

And that's all... but, you would be never fully prepared... but, you can always bring the best actitude ;)

March 9th, 2006, 01:20 PM
Answerphone or voicemail ;-)

March 9th, 2006, 04:00 PM
Another thing would be a multimeter too. I've got most of the physical tools I need. But, how about software? I mainly use ultimate boot disk, but are there any other obvious usefull diagnostics programs that I've missed? For AV, I'd use free-AV, so I think I'm good for doing AV scans...

I'm also looking for something that boots with support for flash cards so I can upload drivers/files to the OS's filesystem without making a CD.

Oh yea! And, what do you guys use for your driver database?

BTW, I'm just workin' at a service center. I'm mainly working on older versions of windows and sometimes XP (although I did work on a Red Hat system the other day).

March 9th, 2006, 04:16 PM
Phillips screwdriver of course,

but also a CD-RW loaded with security software and tools (HijackThis, Ewido, Kerio, Stinger, etc), and semi-basic tools that the user might not have like zip programs (and Firefox if IE no longer functions), and last but not least the Offline NT Password and Registry editor on a floppy disk.

March 9th, 2006, 04:25 PM
i imagine a mobile phone with a lot of credit on it would be essential too.

March 9th, 2006, 04:38 PM
It's "PEBKAC" actually :)

I would actually suggest using burned CDs and not DVDs. Not everyone has a DVD-ROM drive. On one I would suggest Knoppix. The other I would suggest having Firefox, Thunderbird, anti-spyware software, and anti-virus software. Drivers are far too numerous, IMO, to keep. 99% of them can be found online anyway.

Tool-wise, I'd keep a phillips and flathead screwdriver, needle-nose pliers, wire cutters, small flashlight, canned air, and any anti-static gear you want.

Parts-wise, I'd suggest a few extra IDE and floppy ribbon cables, SATA cables, power cords, case/HD screws, CD/floppy screws, and HD/CD jumper blocks.

Master Shake
March 9th, 2006, 04:51 PM
The GParted LIVE CD.

Granted its also on the Ubuntu live CD.

March 9th, 2006, 05:09 PM
Oh. You mean - PC technician.

(sigh... Field Service is just not what it used to be...)

Yeah. Diagnostic tools that are not readily found. Don't overlook the Knoppix-STD CD either. Quite handy for hosed logins and stuff.

Make a UTP crossover cable and collect a variety of other interfacing cables to haul along. Very handy. Collect as many service manuals you can find (softcopy preferably) and even a few common failure items like a mouse and keyboard. Seems nobody bothers with 'scopes anymore but there's no better way to chase down power line problems and it's a lot more common than you can imagine.

March 9th, 2006, 07:51 PM
...clamps (this is the correct translation for "Pinzas"?)Pinzas are tweezers in english.

I would add 'brain' to the list, it's just that there are so many zombies around these days!