View Full Version : Tuner Card for HD Dish Network Satellite? VIP 222

February 27th, 2010, 04:46 AM
I have spent hours on top of hours looking for the right tuner card, I need some help now. Here is what I want to do.

I have a VIP 222 dish receiver, I am using HDMI out to tv. I can not find a card that has an HDMI in and out, or at least one that is confirmed to work. Does anybody know where I can find one and assuming there is one do I need to have a beefier computer to run it. I have not purchased the computer yet, but I was planning on getting a Pentium Atom type board and processor and put it in a bookshelf case. I wanted something with the smallest amount of power consumption as possible. Has anybody done this, I searched the forum, but could not find a solution to this problem. If you have done it, can you tell me if you were able to wake up the receiver using the IR blaster. For those who don't know the VIP 222 goes to sleep after a set amount of time, set by the user. I would like to keep this function, because the VIP 222 is a power hog, but have Mythbuntu wake up the receiver for scheduled recordings.

February 27th, 2010, 11:23 PM
Are you trying to take the HDMI out of the set top box and record the hdmi out? You can't directly, there are no direct hdmi encoders for mythtv.

However you can use the hdpvr attached to the component outputs on your stb.

Can you wake up the box with your remote? If so you can wake it with an ir blaster.