View Full Version : [ubuntu] Nvidia / Xorg Display res issues

February 26th, 2010, 08:46 PM
Here we go again. Fresh install 9.10. Nvidia GT 8800. Ever since Xorg and Nvidia decided to muck with stuff in all distro's, I have had nothing but trouble with Linux. They say it is to make it easier, only if you have the latest and greatest hardware.

without propietary drivers, resolution max is 800x600. Older distros would display properly at 1440x900, my lcd screens capability. With the crap Nvidia drivers, 640x480 is max. and oh.. using Nvidia's neat little tool does NOTHING. Looks pretty, but is totally inadequate for the job at hand.

So then I go jab the settings manually into the xorg.conf file, which should work.. nope.

So then I go try to install a legacy driver... nope, no go with that either... because Ubuntu doesn't install everything you need to install a 3rd party driver, something about emerge crap.

Hate to say it, but I am about to just give up and run xp / win 7 which appears to be light years ahead of any and all Linux distributions. I don't know what is supposedly so easy now, the older distro's were easy... if it is not broken, don't fix it. But alas, I know this is falling on deaf ears.

However, in one last attempt, I will ask if anyone knows a easy method to get this system running at 1440x900 resolution. By the way, I did get it to do it once in 9.04, but here comes a kernal upgrade, and blew it away, I never got it to come back after that. So as an added bonus, how do you prevent kernal upgrades? Sorry about the fustration factor creeping into my post. But this borders on ridiculus.