View Full Version : [ubuntu] USB ADSL modem based on Conexant AccessRunner chipset

February 22nd, 2010, 06:23 PM
Hi guys!

:KS I DID search throughout the forum and ubuntu community web site and googled it before I started writing this!

*I switched to ubuntu[9.10]recently so I'm still noob in it.

I have a USB ADSL MODEM which has no Ethernet port based on DAMN
Conexant AccessRunner chipset.

This is the exact text which is written on the chipset.

0439 KOREA

First Of all I know it s better to buy a brand new ADSL ROUTER with good reputation in Linux but as a computer GEEK I really want to get this modem running on ubuntu :)

1) I downloaded a little tool for obtaining firmware binary from Modem setup CD called "cxacru-fw.c"
in those tutorials I've read there is a file called "CnxEtU.sys" which has to be extracted with "cxacru-fw"
BUT I dont have such a file on my Modem Setup CD! all I have are listed below

CnxTrLan.sys 25.3 KB
CnxTrUsb.sys 51.6 KB
cnxe2fw.bin 2.59 MB [maybe this is my firmware modem:confused:]

I get weird error when I try to do like this

cxacru-fw CnxTrLan.sys cxacru-fw.bin
cxacru-fw CnxTrUsb.sys cxacru-fw.bin
cxacru-fw cnxe2fw.bin cxacru-fw.bin

2)I copied cnxe2fw.bin which was already on my Modem Setup CD directly to /lib/firmware after I plugged my modem in the LED light didn't start blinking at all! :( SO STUCK HERE :(

I also got a "cxacru-fw.bin" by searching it on google and tried that one, but still the same!:(

does anybody have experience with this god damn device? :(