View Full Version : [all variants] Using BackupPC for network accessible files

February 20th, 2010, 08:24 PM
I now have BackupPC up and running on ubuntu 9.10. Thanks for your help guys!

I have a couple more issues. These relate to the fact that I am trying to use backuppc to backup files, but also to provide a central up to date store of network accessible files, so, for example, media files can be viewed over the network, rather than downloaded through the web interface.

Thus I have the following problems:

1. Access the files through the network
I want to have /var/lib/backuppc as a browsable folder through the network. I have managed to change permissions on the folders so they are browseable, but i need to set the file permissions so i can open the files. How do I do this, and set it so that all future backup files are given accessible permissions?

2. A single store of files
I want one folder with all the incremental backups being copied into it, so to see the most up to date version of a file, I just browse to it in nautilus, or through shared folders from another pc on the network.

At the moment, I have a 0 and a 1 folder, and I am sure I will end up with loads more. I just want a single folder, no matter how many times the backup is made.

3. Change the Naming Convention
Also is there a way to change the naming convention so the folders are given the normal names (so Documents rather than fDocuments)?

Awesome, really appreciate the help guys!
Chris (http://%22http://allaboutchris.co.uk)