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February 6th, 2010, 06:58 PM
I am trying to us UBUNTU on a TOSHIBA Qosmio G20
in a windows environment "wobi" worked very well until I did an update on ubuntu
now all I am getting is -

GNU GRUB version 1.97 beta
[ Minimal Bash - like line editing is supported. For first time,
TAB lists possible command complications.
Anywhere else TAB lists possible device/file complications. ]

When I press Tab I get this

Possible commands are:
. [ badrun boot cat chainleader configfile cpuid dump echo expert halt help initrd
linux list_env load_env loopback is 1smod parser.rescue parser
.sh reader.normal reader.rescue reboot rmod save_env search set sleep source terminal
_input.console terminal_output. console test unset

my cd driver is a bit shot up and does not read all cds so
I thought I may try a reboot on a memory stick
! 'but no hope' is there another way around this/my problem of Reinstalling GRUB ?

Cheers Frankie.:-({|=

February 6th, 2010, 07:00 PM
This is EXACTLY why I just logged on today. This is precisely the problem I am having and have no idea what do do. Someone help us!!! I LOVE wubi because I don't have to worry about partitions, but I think the upgrade screwed that up.

February 6th, 2010, 07:03 PM
It's a "famous" bug in wubildr, a file which is on the partition where you installed wubi (C:, D:, E:, etc).
Boot windows, download an improved copy of wubildr and replace the existing file:

NOTE: This is only for wubi installs.

February 6th, 2010, 07:27 PM
BRILLIANT! Works like a charm. I can go back to the joys of Linux again.

February 6th, 2010, 07:55 PM
Super Darkod !!! you have made my day ! week-end ! week ! Cheers and may the mighty ubuntu smile upon you for a long time.

February 7th, 2010, 02:56 PM
i am very very thankful to you man. thanks from turkiye. by this way i've just rescued my os. i'm using karmic koala but id doesn't start after kernel update, gives a message "minimal bash line..." but i've solved problem by this way. again thank you.