View Full Version : How To: Legacy ATI TV out on boot

January 20th, 2010, 04:00 AM
Users of legacy ATI cards with S-video out can either use GATOS or atitvout to use this feature. The following are instructions for using atitvout. I use this to make my MythTV box display to the TV on boot.

This method does make changes to system files and is not recommended for users new to Ubuntu.

Install atitvout
sudo apt-get install atitvout

Open the terminal and determine which commands work with your card. For my card I use:
sudo atitvout -f t

Use your favorite text editor to create a script containing the command you used to get tv out to function correctly. Note that all scripts start with "#!/bin/bash" followed by the commands you wish to run. Therefore my script is:
sudo atitvout -f t Then save the script.

Make the script executable by right clicking>properties>permissions>make executable. or you can use chmod. (Please test this script before continuing!)

Using a super user privileges (sudo) copy the script into the etc/init.d directory. Make sure it is still executable.

Use the following command to make this script execute upon boot:
update-rc.d scriptname defaults

Please let me know if I have omitted anything or if you need help.