View Full Version : [ubuntu] Does Ubuntu 9.10 supports multi-channel streaming?

December 29th, 2009, 04:05 PM
I'm trying to use Ubuntu 9.10 for my HTPC. So, while exploring more, i found that it does not support streaming multi-channels audio codecs, e.g, Dolby/DTS via optical cable from PC to AV pre/pro. All i can get is only Stereo as shown on my Marant AV8003 pre/pro display panel (which is set to auto).
By the way, i can only choose Digital Stereo or Digital Stereo and analog stereo input from the Sound Preferences. I was hoping to see "Digital MultiChannels" or "Digital 5.1" but they are not there. However, i can see many Analog multichannels options which did not meet my intention. I prefer to let the Marantz AV processes the multichannels audio.

Question is, has anyone succeeded streaming multi-channels sound using optical or hdmi? I had been exploring this forum but most forumers are using analog multichannels. Hope to hear from gurus on this problem.

My setup:
Motherboard: Intel DP35DP
Graphic card: Nvidia 8600 GT
OS: Ubuntu 9.10 64 bit
CPU: Q6600