View Full Version : [kubuntu] amarok crashed, ipod erased

December 9th, 2009, 07:56 PM
I was organizing the music on my iPod, and I accidentally started playing a song from my music library when I meant to copy it to my iPod. For some reason, this made the program crash suddenly and quietly. When I started it up again, it showed my iPod, but no music. I tried to acess it with Dolphin (sometimes I have to open the iPod in Dolphin before Amarok will recognize it) but it just said "0 files." I picked up my ipod and I noticed that it was in the middle of ejecting itself. I disconnected it from the computer and it restarted itself and gave me a language select screen. After I selected English my fears were confirmed; the iPod was empty. No music, no videos. So... aside from wondering what the hell happened, what I really wanna know is: <strike>are you gonna go my way?</strike> is there any way I can... get it back? I'm guessing the answer here is no, but I'm just hoping! I've been through two computers and two external hard drives since I got this iPod and I had a lot of amazing stuff on there that's long gone and kind of impossible to find without doing something drastic like paying for it.