View Full Version : [ubuntu] Which driver you have for intel945GM ?

December 7th, 2009, 05:43 AM
I have karmic with all altest updates.

xorg eats lot of CPU resource and total system performance incredibly slow. I had used xorg stable PPA updates but its not solve the problem.
Just redisplaying the console-screen for top uses 70% CPU power, moving a window will lead to 100%, new windows need about 10 seconds to be displayed. This is unbearable! .

noticed in xorg0.log:

drmOpenDevice: node name is /dev/dri/card0
[drm] failed to load kernel module "i915"
(EE) intel(0): [drm] Failed to open DRM device for : No such file or directory
(EE) intel(0): Failed to become DRM master.
(EE) intel(0): Failed to initialize kernel memory manager

Bugged here :

if you are using 945GM with out any problems please tell me which video driver(version),mesa etc... you are using ?

or there are any other hacks or tricks for this ?