View Full Version : [gnome] JHBuild: Pakcage Not Found in Ubuntu 9.10

December 5th, 2009, 07:36 AM
I have been wondering why Ubuntu 9.10 stripped support for so many packages that 9.04 used to have in abundance (such as JHBuild and Java 5). For instance, Google Android used to build just fine on 9.04. With the onslaught of 9.10, I couldn't get the necessary packages to install, and those packages have suddenly been removed from the Ubuntu 9.10 repository. Why?

Another example: I can't build GNOME from source (I am trying to create my own distro) without JHBuild. The JHBuild package used to be in the 9.10 Beta and RC repos, but not the repository for the final build of 9.10. That said, I tried to build the JHBuild package from source as well, and it was a total pain. Can somebody please help me?

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Kenny Strawn | Expert PC World Forum Member