View Full Version : Cant see setup page in mythfrontend any more

November 25th, 2009, 08:23 PM

I added an Asus EAH4350 Silent graphic card to my mytbuntu 9.10 setup. It seemed to work fine. I also noticed, while installing the non OSS driver that there where updates for Qt, so I installed those also...

Everything seems to work fine, but when Im in the menu are using remote or keyboard to open settings.. for ex.

First menu -Tools/Settings - Settings - Media - Musik - General I should get the settings for music, but when choosing that entry nothing seems to happen... I can wait forever, nothing pops up, no change at all.. But if I hit Esc, I very briefly see the setting page fly bye, before Im back again to the same position. It seems that it opens somehow, but doesnt show the page.. What has happened, and do any one have an idea what to do to solve this? Its very annoying, I cant even make an update of the music list or anything...

I dont really now if its the card, updating the Qt or some other issue..but I could enter settings before updating Qt. I also changed to use OpenGL instead of Qt in the settings.. but I think thats about all I have changed.. Any Ideas about what to look at would be greatly appreciated.

Seemed like it was the proprietary ATI driver that didnt work... Removing that one gave me the controll back... but now Im doubting the use of buying that card... Any one using that perticular graphic card that nows how to make it work descently?