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November 21st, 2009, 06:55 PM
Can I get help with setting up my IR blaster here? I have never posted to a forum, and apologize if this is not the correct place for this post, and would appreciate being directed to where the correct place is.

I am running a new install of Mythbuntu 9.10

I have Directv, and I am hoping to control my set top box with a CommandIR II. At this time I am using one emitter and hoping to control one box.

I am using a Hauppauge pvr500.

I have the commandir installed, and I have a green light on 'A'

I am trying to get the transmitter to work, and I will worry about the receiver end of things after that.

When I run the command 'irsend send_once hauppauge 1' the prompt returns to me without error, but nothing occurs on the set top box nor the commandir (i.e. no flashing lights). When using a camera, I cannot see a flash from the emitter.

My hardware.conf is as follows
# /etc/lirc/hardware.conf
#Chosen Remote Control

#Chosen IR Transmitter

#Enable lircd

#Don't start lircmd even if there seems to be a good config file

#Try to load appropriate kernel modules

# Default configuration files for your hardware if any

#Forcing noninteractive reconfiguration
#If lirc is to be reconfigured by an external application
#that doesn't have a debconf frontend available, the noninteractive
#frontend can be invoked and set to parse REMOTE and TRANSMITTER
#It will then populate all other variables without any user input
#If you would like to configure lirc via standard methods, be sure
#to leave this set to "false"

# Remote settings required by gnome-lirc-properties

# Receiver settings required by gnome-lirc-properties
RECEIVER_MODEL="Multi-IR\ Transceiver"

My lircd.conf is as follows

#This configuration has been automatically generated via
#the Ubuntu LIRC package maintainer scripts.
#It includes the default configuration for the remote and/or
#transmitter that you have selected during package installation.
#Feel free to add any custom remotes to the configuration
#via additional include directives or below the existing
#Ubuntu include directives from your selected remote and/or

#Configuration for the CommandIR Multi-IR Transceiver (userspace) remote:
include "/usr/share/lirc/extras/more_remotes/hauppauge/lircd.conf.hauppauge"

#Configuration for the Command IR : Direct TV Receiver transmitter:
include "/usr/share/lirc/extras/transmitters/directtv/general.conf"

begin remote

name CommandIR
bits 8
eps 30
aeps 100

one 100 200
zero 1000 200
gap 25000
toggle_bit 0

begin codes
emitter-plugged-in-on-1 0x01
emitter-plugged-in-on-2 0x02
emitter-plugged-in-on-3 0x03
emitter-plugged-in-on-4 0x04
emitter-plugged-in-on-5 0x11
emitter-plugged-in-on-6 0x12
emitter-plugged-in-on-7 0x13
emitter-plugged-in-on-8 0x14
emitter-plugged-in-on-9 0x21
emitter-plugged-in-on-10 0x22
emitter-plugged-in-on-11 0x23
emitter-plugged-in-on-12 0x24
emitter-plugged-in-on-13 0x31
emitter-plugged-in-on-14 0x32
emitter-plugged-in-on-15 0x33
emitter-plugged-in-on-16 0x34

emitter-unplugged-from-1 0x05
emitter-unplugged-from-2 0x06
emitter-unplugged-from-3 0x07
emitter-unplugged-from-4 0x08
emitter-unplugged-from-5 0x15
emitter-unplugged-from-6 0x16
emitter-unplugged-from-7 0x17
emitter-unplugged-from-8 0x18
emitter-unplugged-from-9 0x25
emitter-unplugged-from-10 0x26
emitter-unplugged-from-11 0x27
emitter-unplugged-from-12 0x28
emitter-unplugged-from-13 0x35
emitter-unplugged-from-14 0x36
emitter-unplugged-from-15 0x37
emitter-unplugged-from-16 0x38

select-rx-internal 0x09
select-rx-external 0x0A

receiving-on-device-number-1 0x0D
receiving-on-device-number-2 0x1D
receiving-on-device-number-3 0x2D
receiving-on-device-number-4 0x3D

external-receiver-plugged-in-device-1 0x0B
external-receiver-unplugged-from-device-1 0x0C
external-receiver-plugged-in-device-2 0x1B
external-receiver-unplugged-from-device-2 0x1C
external-receiver-plugged-in-device-3 0x2B
external-receiver-unplugged-from-device-3 0x2C
external-receiver-plugged-in-device-4 0x3B
external-receiver-unplugged-from-device-4 0x3C

new-hardware-plugged-in-device-1 0x41
new-hardware-plugged-in-device-2 0x42
new-hardware-plugged-in-device-3 0x43
new-hardware-plugged-in-device-4 0x44

hardware-unplugged-device-1 0x45
hardware-unplugged-device-2 0x46
hardware-unplugged-device-3 0x47
hardware-unplugged-device-4 0x48

driver-set-order-multiple-devices 0x50
driver-ready 0x51
driver-stopped 0x52
poll-faster 0x53
poll-slower 0x54

setlight-tx1-off 0x61
setlight-tx2-off 0x71
setlight-tx3-off 0x81
setlight-tx4-off 0x91
setlight-user1-green-off 0xa1
setlight-user1-red-off 0xb1
setlight-user2-green-off 0xc1
setlight-user2-red-off 0xd1
setlight-power-off 0xe1

setlight-tx1-on 0x62
setlight-tx2-on 0x72
setlight-tx3-on 0x82
setlight-tx4-on 0x92
setlight-user1-green-on 0xa2
setlight-user1-red-on 0xb2
setlight-user2-green-on 0xc2
setlight-user2-red-on 0xd2
setlight-power-on 0xe2

setlight-tx1-blink 0x63
setlight-tx2-blink 0x73
setlight-tx3-blink 0x83
setlight-tx4-blink 0x93
setlight-user1-green-blink 0xa3
setlight-user1-red-blink 0xb3
setlight-user2-green-blink 0xc3
setlight-user2-red-blink 0xd3
setlight-power-blink 0xe3

setlight-tx1-blink2 0x64
setlight-tx2-blink2 0x74
setlight-tx3-blink2 0x84
setlight-tx4-blink2 0x94
setlight-user1-green-blink2 0xa4
setlight-user1-red-blink2 0xb4
setlight-user2-green-blink2 0xc4
setlight-user2-red-blink2 0xd4
setlight-power-blink2 0xe4

setlight-tx1-flash 0x65
setlight-tx2-flash 0x75
setlight-tx3-flash 0x85
setlight-tx4-flash 0x95
setlight-user1-green-flash 0xa5
setlight-user1-red-flash 0xb5
setlight-user2-green-flash 0xc5
setlight-user2-red-flash 0xd5
setlight-power-flash 0xe5

settransmitters-1 0xf0
settransmitters-2 0xf1
settransmitters-3 0xf2
settransmitters-4 0xf3
settransmitters-5 0xf4
settransmitters-6 0xf5
settransmitters-7 0xf6
settransmitters-8 0xf7
settransmitters-9 0xf8
settransmitters-10 0xf9
settransmitters-11 0xfa
settransmitters-12 0xfb
settransmitters-13 0xfc
settransmitters-14 0xfd
settransmitters-15 0xfe
settransmitters-16 0xff

end codes

end remote

It is the same issue with or without the 'begin remote' for the commandir section of the lircd.conf.