View Full Version : [ubuntu] Need Bacula advise

November 21st, 2009, 05:55 AM
After a long 4 days of errors and trouble shooting I finally got it installed and ran the tests, which all went well. Now I'm looking at these tests and they created some rather large files which I'm not sure but appear to have the ability to get huge and out of hand quickly but I don't 100% understand so maybe my perception is wrong.

I need some advice on the benefits of full back ups, I know you need a few, but how long would you keep these if only backing up personal PCs (nothing production)?

Or am I misunderstanding and they rewrite over the last full back up?

Sorry, I'm still learning and this is my last module I wanted to learn, it seemed to be the most complicated. I got a lot from reading the user guide, but I don't 100% get everything. I'll be happy to read up on anything suggested that will help me!

I can't explain how much I have learned since last Christmas when I first loaded this server up, I'm no pro but I've learned enough that my kids are now threatened by mom's computer abilities!;)
Thank you so much!