View Full Version : diskless clients fail to boot until dhcp3-server is restarted

November 12th, 2009, 05:33 AM
When my Karmic (and Intrepid) Mythbuntu server is freshly booted, diskless clients fail to boot until I have restarted dhcp3-server.

I suspect some sort of service start ordering issue, but nothing that starts after dhcp3-server appears to be an issue.

myth-backend:/etc/rc5.d$ ls
README S19mysql S23ntp S91apache2
S01policykit S20nbd-server S25bluetooth S99acpi-support
S10sysklogd S20nfs-kernel-server S40dhcp3-server S99grub-common
S11klogd S20openbsd-inetd S50cups S99laptop-mode
S16ssh S20samba S50rsync S99ondemand
S17mysql-ndb-mgm S20sysstat S50saned S99rc.local
S18mysql-ndb S20tftpd-hpa S70dns-clean
S19lirc S21aumix S70pppd-dns

Suggestions appreciated