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November 5th, 2009, 04:20 PM

I am using M-Audio Firewire Solo on Ubuntu Karmic. Actually I cannot use it.

The card works well with "westcoastsucces" stuff, http://westcoastsuccess.wordpress.com/2008/03/23/m-audio-firewire-solo-ubuntu/

"For recording"...

I have been searching the forums to "hear" the sound from firewire solo. Many people cannot "hear" anything - one of them is me. There must be some way to direct the whole sound to my firewire solo. But there's no means explained about it.

A begginer (like me) searching the forums would ask questions like

- Nothing happens when I install FFADO or FreeBoB. Why? Why can't I see my hardware (which is reported as working with both FFADO) when I click the speaker button on the panel?
- What the hack Jack does? It does not give me sound - it only helps me to record stuff using Ardour. Nothing more?
- Do I need to open qjackctl everytime to use my sound card as a normal usual soundcard?

and many more...

In my opinion, There must be a program\comamnd or something like that to change the default soundcard - after I install the drivers (I assume): FFADO.
And I (maybe mis)understand that I do NOT need to install JACKD to "only" listen music with my Firewire card by using Amarok in example. So that, Ubuntu founds my hardware and directs the sound to the IEE1394 or something like that, and than that sound goes to my speakers thorugh my sound card.

I am really in love with Ubuntu, but that situation makes me really angry - I have tried many and many things and I cannot hear the sound. (( I can hear my recordings- but nothing more ))

So that I've opened this thread to help the whole people in one thread. The link above is clearly and brilliantly and perfectly explains "how you can use your Firewire Solo to make Records". The remaining problem is "how do we hear sound from our Firewire Solo"

Thanks :)

November 6th, 2009, 08:27 PM
No one wants to gather all the information together? I know there's many people who has got a lot of knowledge about this issues. :popcorn: