View Full Version : Hobby Programmer Seeks Beginners Task Goal (C / C++)

October 8th, 2009, 02:49 PM

I'm looking for a goal to aim for. I'd like to work towards contributing to Ubuntu development, I've had a look and don't think I have required experience.

What I've worked on:

Most experience in about a solid 3 months working on a time logging program (i.e. time in, time out, lunch break etc)

I was the only coder working on this project. A second person worked on software requirements and testing

Program had reports on time worked for the week / month etc.

I forget the database software used, there were several tables

Language used was Object Pascal

Installation software used and installation working properly (OS was Windows XP, I think)

This was a few years ago

Project was not completed, was running, database working, reports working

What I'd like to work towards:

Work on Ubuntu development (ideas on what area etc please?)

Develop in C / C++

Contribute a few hours a week (how many may depend on how much fun this is and I've had loads of fun using Ubuntu so far!)

I'm very keen to learn and am happy to look through the starting notes and any documentation I can find.

What I'm asking for is advice on what to try learn so I can start developing, I think that this will be a great goal to get me going.

Also some ideas for projects I could aim to develop on at a later time would be great for that goal

October 8th, 2009, 04:30 PM
Projects to work towards:
1) Interface to some CLI app (eg ffmpeg)
2) Chat Program
3) Twitter updater thingy

For C guis use gtk (http://www.gtk.org/), C++ gtkmm (http://www.gtkmm.org/)