View Full Version : Weird program expiration behavior

September 30th, 2009, 02:29 AM
Hi all,

BG: Mythbuntu 9.04 on a split backend/frontend setup. Generally pretty reliable. No problems recording.

However, I have recently started seeing some crazy program expirations. I came back from a conference and had no saved Lettermans, but plenty of everything else. The logs show it recording and commflagging the program every night, then autoexpiring it a day later. It is /not/ set to have a program limit, the disk is not otherwise filled with non-expiring programs, yet this show is the only one that gets expired.

I.e., at the same time that autoexpire is deleting Letterman, there are about a dozen other old HD programs also no the disk that don't get expired -- including season finales from stuff recorded back in May. I don't get it. I don't weird priority settings or anything, but this one program is getting deleted by the system every day. I've searched and can't find any clue as to what causes it to delete that show and leave stacks of others that are much, much older, and also already watched.

Any clues?