View Full Version : Another "which tuner is best" request

September 25th, 2009, 08:12 PM
Hello everyone,

I've been a user of unix sporadically at work, and I administer and maintain a data center. I am learning Linux and I've choses a distro that has Mybuntu 9.04 64bit as my learning tool.

I've got my box up and working:

Amd X2 3800, 1GB ram,
Boot HD 80GB where I installed the Mythbuntu.
Spare 500GB hard drive that I set up as the /storage.

I'm in Baton Rouge, and have Cox communications. From looking at Silicon dusk website for my zip code, it says I have 19 Digitial OTA stations (8vsb) available, all local channels of course. It says that I have 40 channels with qam256. They look like all local channels, plus CSPAN, Cox on Demand, and Public Broadcasting. So no real cable channels.

With that setup, what would be the best, without overkill, tuner to set up this Mythbuntu PC to act as a DVR, and backend unit to stream to laptops via 802.11n network?

There are many options from what I see on the TV tuner list on MythTV. From what I see, the ATI type models do not really work with MythTV.

THe other thing I want to do with this setup is to connect my VCR to capture and convert all my VCR tapes to soft copy that I can put on my /storage drive that could be access by any PC in the house.

I dont want to set this up next to my LCD in the main room. I'd like to treat it like a server next to my PC in my office/computer room. I already have a windows based HTPC in the main room with HDMI output via X2 5000/ATI 4830 system (Over kill, but can play any game fairly well if not used as HTPC on the 42" LCD TV). I'd like to remotely access the Mythbuntu server /storage drive to access recorded video to play on big screen.

Any suggestions?