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September 19th, 2009, 01:26 PM
Hello. Another 'what laptop should I get post'

I have a great pc which does everything and has loads of disk space,memory and graphics card power with a nice big screen. Great!

But not great...

I'm looking for a basic low end latop so I can do uni work such as create web pages, do my programming, write assignments and do all other officey type work including surfing net and e-mail while not being tied to my desk or tied to a power supply. Yet the laptop should be fast enough so i don't have to wait eons for things to happen.

I have a few ideas of the type of spec i'm after but thought i would see if i could narrow my ideas down by posting my spec idea and seeing what you guys thinks comes close.

Battery life is quite a big deal but i'm open to compromise with the spec as long as it's battery can last over 2h.

Below is a rough spec idea:

long battery life. i.e over 2h.(the longer the better)
1gb ram or more (processor does not have to be stellar)
small hard disk. 60gb would be ample.
has a dvd/cd player (dont need a burner)
15 inch screen (would prefer not a widescreen and might consider a smaller screen)
ability to listen to music.
os does not matter. probably duel boot with ubuntu if supplied with windows.

Advanced thanks for any help your willing to supply.

September 19th, 2009, 04:38 PM
An older, refurbished IBM Thinkpad would fit most of those criteria, and be cheap to boot! Maybe around $400 US. Everything on them tends to work with Linux, too, although you may need to do minor tweaks to enable things like Trackpoint scrolling.

The only problem I can see is that the battery is likely to be dead, so you may have to buy a replacement somewhere. Also, mine quickly needed a keyboard replacement. Fortunately, spare parts for Thinkpads are plentiful, and the manuals and user community make it easy to perform basic repairs. Not to mention the fact that they're built like tanks.

(Which, it's ironic that I can say that and you'll know what I mean, considering that real-world tanks are unreliable and prone to breakdowns!)

Anyway, yes. ^.^; Just do a search for "refurbished Thinkpad!" Or even drop by your local computer store, and see what old laptops they've got on sale.