View Full Version : [all variants] would chinese charecture passowrds be more secure?

September 6th, 2009, 02:09 AM
Ive been wondering this for awhile the Chinese have more letters then us so using a password with there charectures I would assume would cause more possible combinations, would this make it harder to break or guess?

September 6th, 2009, 02:28 AM
Depends what kind of password we are talking about. If your talking local password, one ya log in with, don't be bothered. A determined hacker, with physical access would simply take drive and find a million different ways to get access (once safely away) unless your using high grade whole drive encryption.

If we talk about internet passwords, only thing ya really need to worry is in general NEVER use a simple dictionary word. Too easy to run logins against dictionary. Ensure ya have a random mix of caps, lower, some numbers and punctuation and you'll be more than secure. A pass length of about 16 characters is more than needed, if your really paranoid about such data, don't put it on net.

As to chinese characters in question, well, it depends. I don't know how many there are, I assume your not chinese, so I really wouldn't advise that. The number of combinations are determined easily, if you've 4 characters and only use lower case then it's 26 possibilities per character, makes 26x26x26x26, or 26^4. If ya include caps, thats 52 per spot, 62 with numbers, and when ya include all punctuation mid 70s. When you put high numbers like 62 up by an exponent it gets high fast, put 62 to the power of 20 for fun.

I just did math and in fact, probably not, not for for anything short. Suppose a million possible characters in each position, 1 million to power of 3 gives 10^18 possibilities. Where as, for 62^20 (just a random choice for more security, use punctuation) gets ya 7.0x10^35. Much more combinations. If ya made a chinese character password 20 units long, certainly would add up fast, if your not a chinese user however is that really practical? IMO something to the 35 is hard enough that only a dedicated hacker get it, and if data is that important ya shouldn't have it online and should secure it physically.

I'm not a super security expert, just comes from what I've read. If someone comes by later and blasts me, I'm just a random squirrel gonna hide in a tree. *scurries away*