View Full Version : Symbian S60 v3 book reader?

September 5th, 2009, 02:00 PM
Having a full OS smart phone would mean I could read books on it. But the options are not so nice.

I have installed an "eReader" verson 3.0.3fp. Which is not so big, also not so small (1M!) and does almost nothing. It should know palm doc or txt. But txt is already handled by the phone in a not so easy way (the same reader is also an editor which can lead to some problems). So this is going out.

Than I found qreader. Excellent. It supports well all the above in 125k. And it's quite fast and flexible - it can even rotate the screen.

Later I installed mobireader. It's big (2M!!!) but it can do graphics and links. It's actually a platform for them to sell their own e-books. Otherwise they just repack the files of Gutenberg project. Extra over what qreader can do it's the support for their own proprietary format and an annotation system which can be quite useful. I would have settled for this one, but converting texts to their format you have three options. A "desktop" app which can't work with Wine so far. Also there is a command line util which is undocumented as they are pushing the desktop-version which might contain spam and other "goodies" linked with their site. The command line tool can work with Wine, unless you use compresion and, again, it is undocumented for the more complex features. There used to be a Linux try, but they also don't care for that. And they are right, their issue is to sell their ebooks not help you do your own.

On Palm I used to have WeaselReader with their excellent zTxt format (good compression too) for the text only. And for news/webpages and the rest Plucker. Both of them are Palm only.

I see there are lots of tries about eBook formats. But they are started by people with too much time on their hands. It's only a long list of useless frameworks. What I need is the actual reader and maker.

Do you have any idea of something that can handle links and maybe some graphics? For simple texts qreader is wonderful although all it can do is bookmark a certain place in a book as annotation.