View Full Version : [ubuntu] Help installing a Ralink device: have terminal commands, but confused/not working

September 4th, 2009, 04:35 AM
Hello all,

I am trying to install a Tenda W541U USB wifi b/g adapter to my notebook. I found that it is a ralink chipset. I believe I have found the correct drivers on the Ralink website, but the directions to install are confusing to me. If someone can point what to type exactly in the terminal, I would be very thankful. I tried many different combinations but no luck. I am running Ubuntu 9.04 with 2.6 kernel. Here are the instructions:

1> $tar -xvzf RT73_Linux_STA_Drv_x.x.x.x.tar.gz
go to "./RT73_Linux_STA_Drv_x.x.x.x/Module" directory.

2> $cp Makefile.4 ./Makefile # [kernel 2.4]
$cp Makefile.6 ./Makefile # [kernel 2.6]

3> [kernel 2.4]
$chmod 755 Configure
$make config # config build linux os version

4> $make all # compile driver source code

5> $cp rt73.bin /etc/Wireless/RT73STA/ # copy firmware

6> $dos2unix rt73sta.dat
$cp rt73sta.dat /etc/Wireless/RT73STA/rt73sta.dat
# !!!check if it is a binary file before loading !!!

7> $load
#[kernel 2.4]
# $/sbin/insmod rt73.o
# $/sbin/ifconfig rausb0 inet YOUR_IP up

#[kernel 2.6]
# $/sbin/insmod rt73.ko
# $/sbin/ifconfig rausb0 inet YOUR_IP up

If someone knows what type after locating the file, I would really appreciate if he or she can help me in this matter. Thanks in advance