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The Foz
August 24th, 2009, 07:00 AM
Has anyone successfully managed to synchronise a Sony Ericsson W595 mobile phone with Evolution, via Bluetooth?

I have 2 mobile phones: a Nokia N95, for private use; and a Sony Ericsson W595, for work.

I used this how-to to get my N95 synchronising with Evolution: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=705103. It worked completely without problems.

I then tried to connect my W595, but no luck. The bluetooth connection itself works fine, and I am able to browse the phone memory & memory card. I have set the phone as "trusted" in the Bluetooth Device Manager, and the computer as "authorised" on the phone. I checked that the SyncML channel is 10, and I have entered the correct MAC address in the configuration of Multisync. When I try to synchronise, I get a connection error on the OBEX (phone) connection.

I have tried changing some of the parameters in the configuration of the OBEX SyncML connection. What I currently have is:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!-- (Only for bluetooth) The bluetooth address if the bluetooth mode is selected -->

<!-- (Only for bluetooth) The bluetooth channel to use. `sdptool browse $MAC` to search for the correct channel -->

<!-- (Only for USB) The usb interface number of the SYNCML-SYNC target. use syncml-obex-client -u (you will need access to the USB raw device) to find it. -->

<!-- The string that the plugin will use to identify itself. Some devices need a special string here. -->
<identifier>PC Suite</identifier>

<!-- The syncml version to use: 0 for 1.0, 1 for 1.1 and 2 for 1.2 -->

<!-- if the plugin should use wbxml -->

<!-- The username to use. Leave empty to not require a username -->

<!-- the password for the username -->

<!-- sets the connection type to use. 5 means obex over usb, 2 means obex over bluetooth -->

<!-- If wbxml is enabled, defines wether the wbxml should use string tables -->

<!-- Never send ADD command, but send REPLACE (not needed normally) -->

<!-- Workaround around for mobile phones which only use local timestamps and _no_ UTC timestamps! -->

<!-- Sets the maximum allowed size in bytes of incoming messages (some device need this option set). Example: 10000 -->


<!-- The name of the contacts db. Must be the same as the phones sends -->

<!-- The name of the calendar db. Must be the same as the phones sends -->

<!-- The name of the note db. Must be the same as the phones sends -->

If anyone out there managed to get it working, I would appreciate knowing how.

The Foz
August 26th, 2009, 10:47 AM

December 27th, 2009, 02:03 AM
bump a de bump

Yes, I have. Not 5 minutes ago I synced contacts (went the wrong way and wiped all my contacts, but hey, you cant have it all can you :P)

Using syncml and multisync-gui (Not multisync which is a different app altogether)

First off, pair your pc and phone using bluetooth (I use blueman, but I dont think it matters)
Next make sure you have multisync-gui and opensync-plugin-evolution and opensync-plugin-syncml
Open multisync-gui (it's in the accessories folder) and add a new group and choose edit
Add members syncml over obex client and evolution 2.x
click on syncml-obex-client and in the code window is a default configuration. I only needed to add my bluetooth_address and bluetooth_channel - which is 10 by the way
All other setting should be fine
In evo2-sync choose the correct address books, etc
Click close and then refresh to (hopefully) sync your phone

That's it, bobs your uncles new boyfriend :)

Some extra info, in case you need it
"hcitool scan" - this will scan your bluetooth "network neighbourhood" and find your phone, printing its mac address and name
sdptool browse <mac address> will scan the device associated with <mac address> and report back details on the available services, "OBEX SyncML Client" is the one we want here and it uses channel 10, at least on my phone

May 9th, 2010, 06:26 PM

With the last beta version of syncevolution, 1.0 beta 3(http://syncevolution.org/), is possible to synchronize Contacts and Events between Evolution and the W595 via bluetooth. It is really simple to install and configure and has a decent GUI.

In my case, W595 with firmware R3EG004, the program recognizes contacts with several emails, phone numbers + extra information like birthdays,...


PD1: Pleas read this (http://www.estamos.de/blog/2008/11/04/magic-tricks-revealed-how-syncml-works-and-when-it-fails/) before you start.

PD2: mini howto:

The beta 3 version is not (yet)in Lucid. If you want to install it add:

deb http://downloads.syncevolution.org/apt unstable main

to your repositories.

Download this file (http://git.moblin.org/cgit.cgi/syncevolution/plain/test/syncevo-phone-config.py?h=mbc1847), pair the mobile and the computer and then type in a terminal:
(The program will remove all your contacts and events in your handy!!!!back-up your data before)

hcitool scan # find Mac address, like 00:25:47:C8:E1:23
python syncevo-phone-config.py --bt-address THEMACADDRESSOFYOURMOBILE --advanced --create-config=w595

This will create the template for the mobile(Of course, you only have to do it once).

You can then synchronize by invoking:

syncevolution w595

or just use the sync-ui tool.

If you try to synchronize just after you create the template, you may have some communication problems. Just reboot your mobile and try it again

The Foz
May 10th, 2010, 09:11 AM
Hi snt,

Thanks for your post. It looks very useful.

I no longer have the W595. It was a work phone, and I don't work for that company anymore. Even so, your information could be very useful if my girlfriend every decides to connect her Sony Ericsson to the computer.