View Full Version : [ubuntu] Seagate Freeagent 2

August 23rd, 2009, 10:40 PM
Does Seagate Freeagent 2 work with linux?
Can you format the drive (to anything linux-ish except reiser****System... I have learnt my lesson now) without anything happening?

I accidentally placed my elbow on my old hard drive and now it's bust. I was thinking of getting myself a proper 1 TB drive and thought the freeagent seemed perfect.

August 31st, 2009, 01:34 PM
To anyone else wondering... yes!

It does work in 9.04 out of the box without any hazzle. You CAN format it to Ext2 (and probably other FS as well, but I think Ext2 is stable and well for a one TB external drive) without things going haywire.

August 31st, 2009, 01:48 PM
Yeah. It worked with linux. Hope you can run it without any issue. Thanks for asking