View Full Version : [ubuntu] Using LCD TV as monitor

August 23rd, 2009, 09:24 PM
I am using Ubuntu on a IBM box for a media server in my living room. I had it set up on a Visio VO32 720P LCD tv through VGA and it worked perfectly. I recently got a new TV after this one took a crap on me. I got a Sharp 720P 32 in LCD and it will not display on this TV through VGA. it will show the BIOS and the boot up screen fine but as soon as it would ask for a user name and password the screen goes blank and says no signal. is there something that i need to set as far as resolution or something on the computer or is this a TV issue or what? if it is a computer setting can i do it in the bios because i dont have another monitor to connect to it to make the change? thanks.