View Full Version : Linux for Toshiba NB200-G10

August 23rd, 2009, 06:10 PM
Hello everyone

I'm considering to buy a Toshiba NB200-G10 (http://www.elkjop.no/product/data/mini-pc/TOSNB20010G/toshiba-mini?Selected=Specifications#tProductTabcontent)-Netbook, which however comes with Windows XP preinstalled. I'm already using Linux on my laptop and I'd like to keep using it on the Netbook as well, however I'm still rather new to Linux and I'm not sure, which distribution provides most out-of-the-box-functionality, performance and battery-life for this particular device. Toshiba-laptops also come with some very handy power-management tools, which to have access to one way or another would be an advantage also under Linux. Do you have any suggestions about which distribution I should use? Would eeebuntu be a good choice?

August 23rd, 2009, 11:55 PM
I installed Ubuntu netbook remix, (the latest daily build) from a USB key
because I don't like windows. However you have to be careful not to totaly remove your windows install if you want to have both ubuntu and windows in a dual boot. If you're new to linux and would like to try Ubuntu, you might wish to try just exploring it by running it live from a USB memory key first to start. I'd also recommend making a back up image of your windows hard drive now to an external drive first before doing any reformatting or installing of a new OS like Ubuntu.