View Full Version : [gnome] Resolution changes depending on logged-in user

August 22nd, 2009, 04:12 AM
I'm having a problem with my Ubuntu 9.04 desktop, using the NVidia binary X driver. When I log in as myself, the screen resolution is set to 1600x1200, which is too low; my monitor wants 1920x1200, so everything's stretched horizontally. I can change it in the NVidia control panel, but it reverts back to 1600x1200 if I log out and log back in. Here's the interesting part: the other account on this machine do not exhibit the problem; it goes right to 1920x1200 whether I switch users from the desktop or log in right from boot. Likewise, the gdm login screen is at the correct resolution; it's only my account that comes up at the wrong resolution.

Any ideas?