View Full Version : [kubuntu] question about toshiba laptop touch buttons.

August 19th, 2009, 02:24 AM
i have just installed kubuntu on my toshiba laptop its a dynabook kind of like the A300 models.. on this laptop it has some multimidia buttons near the screen, it has - and + for zoom in and zoom out (its called smooth view), > and || for play and pause, a square to stop, << and >> for fast forward and rewind..

i never expected these to work, but the stop button works in kplayer.. nothing else does..

any ideas how to make the rest of them work? :)

this laptop does also have a volume wheel in the front that does adjust the volume.

playing around with kplayers shortcuts i can assign the play button to play but not to play and pause.. the previous and next buttons
but it doesnt recognize the zoom in and out buttons.