View Full Version : [ubuntu] Gecko is dead!! Help please...

August 18th, 2009, 11:17 PM
Hey. (Short story Gecko player stopped working.. What to do?)

So I had gecko-media player installed for video playback in Firefox, and it has been working so great... Right up until now that is. I fire up the fox and enter a site that streams TV in WMV format (...I know 'tards), and it used to work smoothly, but now I got a popup saying additional plugins needed. This is even though I do have gecko installed. SO i press it, and a list with different plugins come up, I press gecko, and it says; Already installed. I tried to reinstall gecko-media-player and gnome Mplayer completely, but it still doesnt work (same for DivX). But if I install VLC-plugin it works fine. But I'm not a big fan of VLC and would rather have the Gecko, as it worked great. Anyone has a solution. It's greatly appreciated.