View Full Version : [ubuntu] ubuntu hardy dlink di624 router broadcom bcm4318 card

August 11th, 2009, 06:50 PM
that's what i'm workin with.

here's the deal. i just bought this laptop with ubuntu 8.04 hardy heron. at the same time i bought the dlink. i brought them both home. wired the dlink to my desktop and turned on my laptop to look for my wireless network for internet. i got a list of wireless networks when i openend the network manager. at that point i realized that i had never set up my router with a network name. i did want to test my wirelss internet capablities though, so i selected the network named "default" from the list. it had no security so i got on and surfed seuccessfully.

then i messed something up while looking for my network. i don't know much about how the networking thing works, but thought i could figure it out. why!!?? why did i do that!? i feel like such a dimwit now. i can't even recount what i did, trying to set up a network between my two cpus. anyway, i ended up calling my isp and was on an hou and a half phone call which involved going to the router's control panel and setting up a name and such. here's the ironic part, the network named "default" as it turns out was my network to begin with. <:[ <---yeah that's a dunce cap.

*sigh* so. the tech and i could not get my laptop to see my newly named and encrypted network. finally i realized that infact, my laptop is not seeing ANY wireless networks anymore. it works fine wired, of course. i don't what happened between the time my laptop wa detecting wireless networks and now. i've tried SO many posted solutions. the silly part is that i don't really understand what it is that i'm doing. ndiswrapper? what? this is a fun experience and it's teaching me how alive cpus seem to be. i'm happy about having this OS that encourages such initmate interactions and personalization. but i am also pretty frusterated at this point.

so if anyone made through this long post...lol. any advice?