View Full Version : [ubuntu] A substitute for ULTRASURF in UBUNTU ?????

August 11th, 2009, 04:17 PM
Hello everyone, I wanet your help to tell me any software which could work like ULTRASURF in UBUNTU, because in UBUNTU when I run ULTRASURF it cannot connect to its proxy server and hence shows "connection failed".

I probably think that the internet speed in UBUNTU is experienced much less compared to Windows , and that is the problem why ULTRASURF annot fullly connect and freegate also shows very low speed. (I prefer freegate the best , but now they have the shareware version which does not open all sites). So you all see, both freegate ans Ultrasurf have provlem connecting their survers.

So please help me in finding a software for UBUNTU , which could work for me as an unblocker of sited.

Please share your knowledge with me.